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Grupo Campos Eliseos

Campos Elíseos 430-401, Col Polanco,  11560, México City,


Phone 52-55-52801795

Phone 52-55-52801795

Contact Person – Sylvia London., program; Rosario Busquets, registration

GCE is a postgraduate institute.


Program Director: Sylvia London. M.A. LMFT


Faculty:  Elena Fernández, Sylvia London, Irma Rodríguez, Margarita Tarragona

The GCE Certificate (185 hours) is a personalized learning experience, where each student can design his/ her own program according to their interest and life style. All our programs are based on the creation of a collaborative learning community and include a collaborative- postmodern philosophical stance.

Program Information:

The Certificate offers three components:

    I Theoretical Seminar: (90 hours) students can choose between a variety of year-long externships (90 hours) or online courses (up to 30 hours). All externships include an introduction to social construction and postmodern ideas, hermeneutics and collaborative practices.

    II Supervision Seminar (65 hours) Students can choose an ongoing supervision seminar, or attend sessions in the different supervision groups. Supervision can be “live” or narrated and include a variety of reflective processes.   

    III International Workshops or ISI (30 hours) The International component invites participants to attend the International Summer Institute, where they can have a week-long experience immerse in collaborative practices with colleagues from around the world.

The program includes the possibility of exchanges within the ICCP world-wide community on line and in person


The participant will:

  • Attend a year-long Externship Program at GCE (90 hours)
  • Participate in a Supervision Seminar at GCE (65 hours)
  • Participate in International Workshops at GCE or the International Summer Institute sponsor by GCE and HGI (30 hours)
  • Facilitate a session at the International Summer Institute or other international conference
  • Submit an article, based on his or her work, for the International Journal of Collaborative Practices

Year-Long Externships at GCE starting September 2011


Seminar and Hours



Family Therapy: A Postmodern Approach  (90 hours)


Sylvia London

Collaborative and Narrative Practices: Clinical & Community Contexts (90 hours)


Margarita Tarragona

Nurit Zylberstjn

Collaborative and Narrative  Practices in supervision and writing  (90 hours)


Elena Fernández

Collaborative Practices in Schools and Community Settings:  (90 hours)

Palo Solo


Irma Rodriguez

Couples Therapy: Multiple Perspectives (90 hours)

Monte Fenix

In the South

Sylvia London

Patricia Contreras

Reflective Practices and Writing in Clinical Setting (90 hours)

Sede Sur

Elena Fernández, et al

On line Seminars

Introduction to Collaborative and Narrative Practices I and II (30 hours)


Margarita Tarragona

Supervision Seminars

Clinical Supervision  (65 hours)


Elena Fernández

Supervised  Clinical Practice (65 hours)

Palo Solo

Irma Rodriguez

Program Cost:  Year-long externship: 1600 US Dollars 
 Supervision 1500 US Dollars


Length of Program:  The 185 hours Certificate Program can be design according to the student’s need as long as it includes all the required hours and components. Taken in sequence it will take two years.

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